Asian Spring!

Asian Spring


This oil blend has been crafted meticulously with passion for scent. The mix of lemongrass and cherry blossom gives it a sweet-lemony unique scent that recalls me of Phuket Island in Thailand.

Smell it and imagine… You have arrived after a long plane travel, bunches of airport control of all kind, paid a seat at reduced price for your baby and actually the seat is You.

So you are tired, feeling really unfresh even stinky (knowing that, it is only your mind and senses tricking you because actually you don’t stink, you are not fresh but you don’t stink that much either!).

Then, you know that it is just a matter of minutes until you finally reach your hotel and relax.

On the way, you experience already the relax feeling of been on vacation through the green scenery you see. A mixed jungle of palm trees, banana trees, coconut trees… allied with the typical architecture and infrastructure and beaches of Phuket that make you wonder how wonderful it would be to live there.

Imagine vacation all year, well… between us… I think it is a sweet naive dream not to say a bit stupid, because we all know at certain point the reality of work, dealing with the locals that you don’t really know the culture might put you in a situation not so paradisiac!

Enough of deviating from our subject.

The smell of this tropical location overpowers all your senses. This warm and humid weather, the scent of the vegetation, smell of the street food…you know?! This particular smell you experience when you reach a new unfamiliar place?!

You finally arrive at your hotel or vacation resort and the first thing you notice is that amazing scent accompanied with a welcoming ‘sah wah dee khaa’, a fresh tropical fruit juice and a floral necklace of jasmine hummm…

You remember also the evening natural oils made of lemongrass scent that the room smelled of, bringing you comfort and a relieve feeling after a long day at the beach, where you got half burn by the sun and your skin completely dried up by the salty sea, sooo much, that a crocodile skin looks smoother and softer than yours.

The sweet and wonderful ‘almost roasted’ husband roaming around like a starfish so uncomfortable was it for him to move in his own clothes!

And the sand…oh yeah!

The sand in every possible free space you have on your body, especially in the ass line!:)) This is the price to pay when you build sand castles with your kids!

Amazing souvenirs!!!

This is how smelling Asian Spring transport me to those exact fantastic moments!


So after experiencing its scent, what is your story or fantasy? What does your imagination tells you?


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