Madame Sophisticated! Candle
Madame Sophisticated! Candle

Madame Sophisticated! Candle

Anthaïs, LLC

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Fragranced soy candle infused with 100% pure natural essential oils. This blend allies traditional orange-bergamot and a strong scent of jasmine, which add a touch of exoticism and complexity in 'Madame Sophisticated!'. This candle shows every aspect that defines sophistication as 'Madame Sophisticated!' is all about complexity, taste, and class, making it more than a scented candle but a perfumed candle!

This candle comes in a beautiful 12.5oz glass jar with its flat glass lid

The intensity of the scent is delicate-strong.

Wick: 100% natural cotton (lead-free)

Burn time 24-48h

Net content: 10oz