Body Butter Cream 'Enivrant'
Body Butter Cream 'Enivrant'
Body Butter Cream 'Enivrant'

Body Butter Cream 'Enivrant'

Anthaïs, LLC

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All natural handmade body butter cream. It will leave your skin soft as a baby bump!

Made with Shea, Kokum butter, coconut and grapeseed oils full of healthy nutrients the skin is craving for.

Benefits: powerful moisture and deeply nourishing, helps with acne, eczema, reduce pores, can be a great primer. Little quantity goes a long way.

Slightly fragranced with 100% pure natural oils Enivrant blend.

Skin stays moisturized unto 48H.

Full absorption can take 10 to 15 minutes.

Suitable for very dry, dry, normal and sensitive skin.

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