Body Soufflé Soap Scrub 'Peppermint'

Body Soufflé Soap Scrub 'Peppermint'

Anthaïs, LLC

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All natural handmade body soufflé soap with natural volcanic 'Pumice' scrub. For a softer and cleaner skin!

Infused with Kokum butter, coconut, rosehip and vitamin E oils full of healthy nutrients the skin is craving for. 

Benefits: remove dead skin cells and other impurities hence rejuvenate skin, helps with acne, unclog and reduce pores, increase blood circulation under the skin hence facilitates nutrients absorption for vibrant and youthful skin. Little quantity goes a long way.

Slightly fragranced with 100% pure natural peppermint and spearmint oils.

Skin stays clean and fresh.

Nicely scrubbed armpit odors reduce significantly.

Suitable for very dry, dry, normal and sensitive skin.