Body Soufflé Soap Scrub 'Unscented'

Body Soufflé Soap Scrub 'Unscented'

Anthaïs, LLC

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All natural handmade body soufflé soap with natural volcanic 'Pumice' scrub. For a softer and cleaner skin!

Infused with Kokum butter, coconut, rosehip and vitamin E oils full of healthy nutrients the skin is craving for. 

Benefits: remove dead skin cells and other impurities hence rejuvenates skin, helps with acne, , unclog and reduce pores, increase blood circulation under the skin hence facilitates nutrients absorption for a vibrant and youthful skin . Little quantity goes a long way.

Fragranced free.

Skin stays clean and fresh.

Nicely scrubbed armpit odors reduce significantly.

Suitable for very dry, dry, normal and sensitive skin.